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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eugenia - Rebranding/Package Design

Eugenia is one of the most long-lasting romanian brands. It is a well-known
brand of biscuits in Romania. Since the 60's when the production started, it
became a very popular product among children and teenagers - it was their
favorite snack .

Currently, this brand has a rudimentary image, unattractive branding (it lacks
branding more likely) and a poor packaging, even though it stands for a well-
known product with a rich background and tradition.
I fancy this product myself, it's taste and the nostalgic feelings I get every time
I take a bite out of it.

The fact that "Eugenia" doesn't have the proper image, bothers me.
 So, I've initiated a rebranding project and a new package design for "Eugenia".
This is how I envision the brand.

I've created an illustrative brand mark for the brand, because the product
needs to be identified with an appealing feminine character, it needs to have
an easily recognizable and an iconic symbol.

Also, i've created a special lettering
solution for the brand name, a hand-made type. The colors make reference to
the era when this brand was launched on the market. The chromatic scheme
carries a retro allure and at the same time, identifies the product with it's typology.